Data collection and usage, what information Lunni needs?

Lunni collects and uses following data that is essential to the basic functions of the app.

Name, phone number and email:  Account registration, service-related info, customer support.

Call log: Enables logging of incoming and outgoing calls automatically. Identifies calls from existing contact persons that are stored in the phone or in the CRM system and syncs the selected calls to the CRM.

Phone: Enables starting new calls directly from app and recognises start and end-times of the calls.

Location: Enables automatic logging of meeting locations and allows user to view their client data on the map.

Calendar: Add and modify meetings in-app, meetings are synchronised to your phone's calendar. App doesn't collect calendar details from your device unless calendar integration is actived on the web service.

Microphone: Enables recording of voice notes.

Phone storage: Allows voice notes to be stored on your device.

Log data: Improving the service and resolving technical issues.

We don't disclose personal data or client data to third parties.
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